• statics
    Forex Basics

    Trend Lines

    Charts reveal the actions of bulls and bears. Support in a market can be defined as the point where the market seems to halt for a time and then continue on in the original direction of the…

  • margin
    Forex Basics

    What is Margin

    Margin goes hand in hand with leverage. Leverage is the amount you can magnify your position, margin is the amount of money you have to put up to trade a position.Currently in the US, brokers can offer…

  • leverage
    Forex Basics

    What is Leverage

    One of the biggest attractions to the Forex markets is the leverage FX brokers are able to provide. Traders are leaving Stocks and Futures to trade Forex because the leverage is so attractive. So what is leverage?Leverage…

  • Currency Pair
    Forex Basics

    What is a Currency Pair?

    In order to trade in the Forex markets we need something that increases or decreases in value. Pairing 2 currencies together gives us this market value fluctuation we are looking for.Each currency can be exchanged for another…

  • Pip
    Forex Basics

    What is a Pip?

    A pip used to be the smallest increment that a currency generic synthroid levothyroxine pair’s rate of exchange could change.Pip stands for “Percentage In Point”.For example, if a currency pair’s exchange rate is 1.2000 and then changes…