Each of the disciplines discussed are all good on ‘ some’ ocassions…but could never come close to this. The combining of all of the indicators in such a simple & transparent presentation is one of the most exciting revelatios I have seen in 10 yrs of trading…This is a WOW moment for me & I am extremely grateful for having received this ‘gift’!!!!


Jim Green 

Alan Northcott


Nicola, You could have kept working for the big boys, but you chose to help other less fortunate people. It's no wonder you are blessed. It is my wish to be blessed so I too can be a blessing to others. Thank you for your generous gift.

Gary Joseph


Hi Nicola! Thank you very much for the gift-Money Dot System.First day trading and 100 pips in a profit on GBPJPY H1! Great tool!

Vadim Rudakov

First, I want to thank you for your free Profit Spring Trading System your sharing with this community. I don’t see to many Professional forex traders as yourself share their secret Systems. Second, you’re a Genius when it comes to given a System that’s not only free, but it makes money. I have followed your SIMPLE instructions in the manual and in six hours later I made a whopping $449.00. I’m super excited can’t wait for the next setup. Thanks Toshko your heaven sent!!!!




Hi, (187 Pips or $254.00 Made in 2 hours This Morning Just by reading and applying your System) Great System!!!!!

First, of all thanks for your generosity in providing your report and the system indicators, I’m always looking for that edge in the forex market that can help a newbie trader like my self-gain that edge.

Second, I read your report which took me about 20 minutes last night to read. I applied your indicators and template on EUR/USD currency this morning 10/22/2014. I was blown away by your system, within 2 hours applying your system this morning I made 187 pips $254.00 at 0.40 lot. I have never made that much money in forex trading. My wife who was sitting next to me got excited as i made $254.00.

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Your System stands out as a simple, easy to follow that is based on tested rules and solid research. Again Thank you from the bottom of my heart please add my email as i look forward to having you as my mentor in Forex trading God Bless you and your family!


Javier Augusto Roman 

As a fellow martial artist I appreciate that to be effective one does not need a complex system. The mark of a truly effective system is its ability for the student to perform as competent as his teacher. Toshko, your system achieves these two very important attributes splendidly. I was able to implement its principles in under one(1) hour and was successful in my first two trades making $33 and $61 with pure confidence that I could repeat the effort for future trades.

Thank you for arming me with this system and helping me to become a more confident trader.


Gabriel Blake


This is GREAT! The thing that I am most impressed with is the fact that you described how you did your testing and how it turned out.

With almost every other system, the developer says “The system was tested and it produced the result that …blah, blah, blah…”.

NEVER have I ever seen anyone describe how the testing was done, (and in such detail), and what was the out come of the tests of the various components. Now I have at least some clue as to how I can test some of my own ideas and what to look for. This is terrific! I am very impressed with the effort you put into all this and I thank you for that. I actually had no idea what was really involved.

Of course, the finished system looks fantastic as well and I can’t wait to try it out. I really appreciate it when traders who are so much more accomplished than the rest of us, have made it to where they can put such an effort into a great trading system like this and give it away to help us to become better and more consistent traders.

Thanks again


Rod Piotrowski

Thanks! Great read! … and the results from your testing is the evidence of the success of the system. I have reviewed a couple of live setups from this morning that were also successful on my own account. From your guide examples, it appears that you were using 1 Hour setups. Is this generally what you recommend for use of this system? Also, do you have a setup that will provide an alert when entry criteria is achieved? Thanks again.





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Ndri Kouassi

Courtney Wilding