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The Forex markets are a wild and wonderful place to be, and if you are new to it, it can be also be very frustrating. I hope to help smooth out the bumpy road that lies ahead of you.

What is a Currency Pair in Forex?

In order to trade in the Forex markets we need something that increases or decreases in value. Pairing 2 currencies together gives us this market value fluctuation we are looking for.Each currency can be exchanged for another currency, and this…


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Adrian Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian is the Lead trader and CEO of Tradeology. He has mentored thousands of students to success over the past decade and overseen Tradeology’s unique vision as the No.1 Forex educational site in the world.


Dan Yates

Senior Trader

Dan is a senior trading executive and has overseen the largest Forex trading tournament in the world over many years. His insight in the market and attention to detail make him an indispensable part of the Tradeology team.


Emir Cehaic

Trading Coach

Emir is a lead trading coach and has become widley regarded for his astute mentoring methods and backend support for Tradeology clients over many years.


Karen Sykes

Client Liaison

Head of client services ensuring that all clients needs are identified and responded to in the friendliest most effecient and accurate way possible.


Julia Beukes

Finance Officer

Is head of finance and analytics and leads the process of ensuring that our approach to the markets and clients is scientific and data based and ensures implimentation of this in the daily life of the team and traders around the world.

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Kyle Maber

Technical Lead

Is head of technical services, exporing new ways and methods to develop traders skills
for all clients and ensuring the technical development of these at the highest level..