IMPORTANT: Please read below before starting the video.

The video uses two free programs called Flash and Shockwave. Nearly all computers have these programs installed. To find out if you do, simply try to watch the video. If it starts playing then you are good to go.

If not, then you will need get to Flash for free by clicking HERE and then get Shock Wave for free by clicking HERE. Both programs only take a few moments to download and it will be well worth it.

Question 1

What type of charts do you use in the videos?

Answer 1

Mark uses charts by (the desktop version). His version cost $100 per month. He also uses charts by esignal which cost +/- $150 per month. Danie uses charts by and are free.

Videos Questions

Question 1
I can't view the videos

Answer 1
The best way to view the videos is with Macromedia Flash. 98% of computer user can view the videos in this format. If you are one of the few who can't then try the Windows Media Player.

Question 2
When I click on the video link I get a blank screen.

Answer 2
Most of the videos are intentionally short so that clients on a dial up connection can still view them. However, if you are on a particularly slow dial up connection or your Internet service provider is particularly slow you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to play. Once the video has downloaded you can always play click again and it will play all the way through without the stopping. See Question 5

Also if you are using an old browser or use AOL or Firefox have a look at this answer from Macromedia HERE Look for the heading 'Browsers other than Netscape and Internet Explorer (Opera, AOL...)'

Question 3
Can I download the videos.

Answer 3
Sorry, No.

Question 4
I am not sure if there is a problem with my PC or my connection. Do you have to be connected to the internet when clicking on the links to read the documents or watch the videos?

Answer 4
Yes, you do need to be connected to the Internet to watch the videos.

Question 5
I only have a small problem and it is that I cannot view the first video. The video starts to play and after about 20 seconds it stops and won't go any further. Please help.

Answer 5
I have tested the videos on a few computers and they all seem to work and I have no other reports of a problem with that video. That doesn't mean you don't have a problem, I am just demonstrating that I think the problem is your side.

Here's what I think is happening. Depending on the speed of your connection the video may stop after the first few second until it has downloaded more of the video. This gives the effect of the video stopping and starting or just stopping. The best way to overcome this is to just leave it for a few minutes until the whole video has downloaded. Once the video has downloaded you can always play click again and it will play all the way through without the stopping.

If you can see the Play-Pause-Stop buttons or boarders then the video is fine, it is just taking a long time to download.

The second reason is that there may be a lot of people viewing the video at the same time. This might slow down the download speed. This problem should ease after the initial launch.

Question 6
I can't view the videos or some of the links. All I hear is a blip noise when I click on the links.

Answer 6
The videos and some of the links open in a new window. This causes some computer to see the new window as a pop-up and blocks it. If you are using Google tool bar just click the pop- up button to allow pop-ups. If you are using Internet Explorer go to tools>>Internet Options and un check "Block pop-ups". click. Nortons security can also cause this problem but it will depend on the version you have as to how you allow pop-ups. If you are using anything else just refer to their help manual to find out how to allow pop-ups.