This is for those of you who won’t settle for being anything but rich.

"How To Easily Remove These 5 Roadblocks To Becoming Wealthy And Get Mega-Rich In The Next 6 Months Or Less"

I am looking for a small group of elite financial renegades determined to be phenomenally wealthy. Those of you who don’t want to wait years, to make it happen.

People who instinctively know they are destined for greatness and are starving for success, because you know there are Millions Of Dollars to be made if you could only be shown the right money making strategy.

In just a minute you will discover a bullet-proof strategy to supercharge your ability to line your pockets with cash faster than you ever dreamed possible.

And I am going to give you these pearls of wealth-creating wisdom right now. So, make sure you read the entire letter.

“This is a complete game-changer for anyone who has been struggling to create the wealth they desire and deserve. One that gives you an effective edge that could make anyone rich, fast.”

In just a moment, you’re going to get a major confidence boost in your ability to grow rich and consistently rake in cash on demand.

This does not involve stocks, bonds, commodities or any other slow growth, buy and hold, strategy. This makes money fast, and the cash you make is 100% liquid and in your pocket almost instantly.

  • Being set for life and never having to worry about money again.
  • Having an abundance of the most precious commodity on earth, your time.
  • Looking forward to retirement knowing you will have more money than you will ever need.
  • Not giving a care in the world about inflation because your wealth keeps increasing at a rate that far outpaces it.
  • Spending as much time as you like traveling, enjoying your favorite hobbies, and time with friends and family.
  • Never having a concern about an unexpected illness wiping out your savings.
  • Telling your boss to shove it because you no longer need to work.

You are about to discover the safest, simplest, most worry-free approach to getting rich you have ever seen by ethically taking fractions of a penny at a time from the transactions of the biggest banks in the world…

You may have wondered at times if there was a secret about making money that has been kept from you.

One that gives the elite few who make billions an edge. Something only talked about behind closed doors by the big banks and Wall Street pundits who control the markets.

If you are like I used to be, you probably wonder if the people with all the money know something you don’t.

Why is it that some people work their whole lives only to worry that they will have enough money when they get older?

Yet others seem crash, some of the richest have Millions of Dollars and live a life most could only dream of.

Did you know that during the 1929 Wall Street crash some of the richest stock traders who lost all their money, committed suicide! What goes through a man’s head that he would rather die than be poor?

There is a secret

For centuries people have found ways of making obscene amounts of money. Take Jesse Livermore, for example.

He made over $5 billion in today’s terms, and lived an outrageously extravagant life.

He was married three times, yet was reputed to have mistresses dotted all around New York.

He had houses and apartments on 76th Street in Manhattan and on the West Side, off Central Park.

He had a floor at 813 Fifth Avenue because Dorothea, his wife, did not like to go to the West Side to shop.

They had a house in Great Neck, a summer house in Lake Placid, a house in Palm Beach… And they had a private railroad car and two yachts.

Livermore’s was the only yacht that was bigger than J.P. Morgan’s. He also had a ticker tape in every home that he owned, that’s how real time financial information was transmitted then, on his railway car and on his yachts.

He had several Rolls Royces and a team of chauffeurs. He also a had a staff of about 20 in each place he lived.


Here's the good news...

Here’s the good news…

Today I am going to share with you one of the most powerful secrets Jesse Livermore used to make his fortune.

And once you know this secret, your money worries could be over forever.

Whether you know it or not, big money has been controlling the entire banking system and the markets your entire life.

They have the kind of cash it takes to move the market to suit their greedy self-interests.

And they’ve been playing us for suckers for over one hundred years.

And yes, there is a secret that could end your money worries and make all your financial dreams come true. One the money grubbing banks and unscrupulous brokers hoped you would never learn.

And you are going to learn it right here and right now.

Hi, my name is Toshko Raychev...

… and in the next few minutes I am going to share some things with you that will completely change how you see making money.

Things that will open your eyes to the truth and could take you from zero to millionaire faster than anyone wants you to believe is possible.

Even if everything you have ever tried up until now has failed.

I am going to cover the problems I faced on my journey to becoming wealthy, which are probably the same ones you are facing today or you wouldn’t be reading this.

I’ll also share with you the solutions I discovered that catapulted me from broke and desperate to rich and worry free in less time than anyone said it could be done.

And I will explain why it is crucial you do something to bulletproof your financial future starting today, before the next bubble bursts.

Why the old tried and true methods of creating wealth are too slow and too risky in today's economy.

Making money is vastly different today than it was even just a year ago because things have changed.

You may have noticed that it’s harder to make money with the same systems, methods, and strategies that seemed to work in the past.

Whether you are trying to create a fortune to last you the rest of your life or are just trying to make a couple extra thousand dollars a month to help with bills…

You probably have found it difficult until now to make any money at all.

That’s because everything has changed. And really, what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Those who are counting on the crooked Wall Street fat cats to make them rich may soon see their financial future sinking faster than the Titanic.

You know damned well that we’ve been lied to for years and fleeced by corrupt money mongers in Washington And on Wall Street.

And the lies they are now perpetuating almost make me laugh at their obvious disillusionment or outright disregard about the current state of the economy.

In the next few minutes I am going to explain what has changed and arm you with the knowledge to play in this new money arena and win big.

To use the insanity of today’s roller coaster economic climate to line your pockets with more cash than you can spend.

"Money solves most all the problems not having enough money creates."

If you are like most of us, you can probably remember times in your life when you couldn’t even figure out how to pay your monthly bills, let alone save and plan for your future.

Maybe that’s where you are today.

That may be why you are looking for a way to quickly start making serious amounts of money and do it without a lot of risk.

Or maybe you are retired and have realized that your high hopes of a carefree and comfortable lifestyle have been dashed on the rocks.

You’ve been robbed of your future by a crumbling economy where your savings muster up a paltry return that no one could live on.

That your pension and social security don’t even come close to giving you the dream you hoped retirement would be.

So, you have been looking for a way to safely build your financial future, supplement your income, or both.

But damn it, nothing you’ve tried has worked.

This may be why…

These are some of the problems I encountered on my journey to wealth.

Lack of time…

The one thing we can never get more of.

There just doesn’t seem to be time for anything anymore. When was the last time you had so much time on your hands that you were bored?

If you are still unfortunate enough to be working for someone, then you know that employers today want more than just their pound of flesh. It’s like they want you to be on call 24 hours a day.

As if the pressure of work wasn’t enough, there’s a better than even chance in the next few years you will lose your job to outsourcing, robotics or artificial intelligence. It’s estimated that more people will lose their jobs in the next 10 year to robotics and A.I. than any other factor.

Even when you do get home there’s the time pressure of all the things having a family means. Kids need to be driven to events. There are social commitments like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, family get-togethers and a whole host of other things.

Even when I tried to carve out some time to try something that would make more money, it just seemed impossible. There were hours of learning. Reading manuals, watching videos, and this thing, and the next thing. It was like there were some magical people out there that could spend weeks studying something while the rest of us struggle just to keep up.

People used to tell me I should try and balance my life, and all the time I was thinking… I would have to give up sleep just to fit it all in.

Having money buys you the most precious commodity on earth...your time.

No, it can’t buy you an extra eight hours in the day. What it can do is free up all the time you are currently spending working at a job so you have more time to do the things you enjoy.

I have a way for you to do just that, one that has done exactly that for me. I will tell you about in a minute, but first let me tell about another common reason people fail to achieve their dreams of wealth.

Lack of confidence.

Maybe, like so many people I talk with, you lack confidence.

Maybe you have tried a few things and they never worked. You might have even gotten involved with a family member or friend in some kind of business, but I’m guessing the reason you are reading this is because it never worked.

You know what that tells me?

It means you are exactly the right type of person to grasp the information I’m about to share with you. The fact that you are reading this tells me you have enough drive, commitment, and enthusiasm to want to change your life. And I can tell you that you have come to the right place.

If at times you do lack confidence, let me tell you that you are not alone. In a recent survey of tens of thousands of people that lack was something most experienced.

And let me tell you right now, it’s not your fault…

Most people have never been taught how to grow their money at a rate that can make them rich while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

And without the proper knowledge it’s hard to be confident about anything.

So, you’d better believe that confidence is a very big deal.

The theory of how people make money is very different from the reality. In the old days, I used to go for a beer with my buddies and there was always a point in time when someone had some great idea of how we are all going to get rich.

Yet in real life, these guys were financial disasters. Everything they ever tried ended up losing money.

I still meet with my old buddies and still consider them my friends, but I also have a new group of friends who don’t just talk about making things happen. they make things happen and have their own wealth to show for it.

Let me tell you a story…

When I was laid off from my job as a security guard it shook me up so bad my confidence was totally destroyed. I didn’t want to make a decision. I was terrified I would make a mistake. I had $3,567.00 to my name and that’s all my wife and I had in the whole world.

It got worse.

I decided to try trading. The first trading system I bought cost me $750.00, and then lost me $500.00 in the blink of an eye. I was ready to give up. I didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t.

I started reading and researching, and eventually I found a forum all about trading. I read every single post and started following the signals of one of the members.

I couldn’t believe it when I lost another $700.00. The fake forum guru was just making this stuff up. It was all fake. I only found out by chance when a disgruntled member contacted me and told me that the guy whose signals I had been following didn’t even trade real money.

It was like fake news. It was an attempt to get me to pay for his signals.

My wife never said anything, but I could feel she was losing confidence in me. I decided to take another $500.00 and just try some things I had a hunch might work.

Well, it didn’t work as well as I hoped it might, but I didn’t lose money this time. Gradually I became more confident with few other things, and eventually I had something that worked.

Remember the disgruntled forum member? Well, it just so happened that he was friends with a seriously wealthy trader who took an interest in my trading.

What happened next changed my life.

When we compared notes on how we traded, it was scary how similar we were…

But with one big difference.

This big difference is what changed my life. It’s why I can trade with absolute confidence today, and it’s what has made me wealthy.

And has allowed me to make trades like this anytime I choose to:

I’m going to share that secret with you in this letter and it will change everything you think about how to make a serious amount of money.

I have discovered a powerful money-making trading strategy that anyone can use. One that is now making me enough money to never need a job again and to have enough money to live any life I choose.

It doesn’t take any special formal education of any kind or a lot of money to get started. As little as $100 works just fine.

It feeds off the volatility and uncertainty of today’s unstable markets. In fact, the crazier things get on Wall Street, up or down, the better.

It makes just as much money whether the economy is good or bad. It’s the only thing I consider completely recession-proof.

It is 100% liquid so your money is never tied up. You can almost instantly get at it anytime you need it.

It’s something you can do any time of the day or night, whenever you have the time, so you can work it around your schedule.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself…

First, as promised, I want to share more of the problems I encountered along the way in order to help you avoid the frustrating and sometimes costly mistakes I made.

During my journey to success I also had to deal with…

Lack of discipline.

It may sound strange, but the number one reason traders, or investors of any kind, fail is not because of the system they are using.

It’s more often because they don’t have the discipline to follow a set of rules. In a minute, I’ll show you how to instantly make that problem vanish

It’s the same really with any kind of business. You can have the best business plan in the world and if you don’t follow it, you will likely not succeed.

The bottom line is this…

If you don’t have the discipline to follow the rules, no system on earth is going to make you money.

Again though, it’s not really your fault.

Emotions get the better of all of us sometimes.

And in trading, as with all investing or business, there are two emotions that can cause us to throw discipline right out the window and start making costly mistakes…

Fear & Greed

Believe me, these two emotions cost me plenty when I first started trading.

I remember sitting there thinking I had hit my take profit and just made myself a nice chunk of change. Yet something inside me Said, “Toshko, just a little more.” Greed was getting the best of me, even though I instinctively knew to get out and live to trade another day with a nice profit in my account.

I wish I could say I did. Truth is, I watched the market turn against me and my profit for the day go right out the window.

Fear is another emotion that got the best of me…

I have missed great opportunities to earn a nice profit due to fear. Not getting into a trade when my system rules told me I should. I just wasn’t trusting my system.

Or getting out of a trade before I hit my take profit because I had made a little money and was afraid I might lose it if I stayed in the market. Again, I wasn’t trusting the system.

Here’s where your emotions can really cost you, though…

Revenge trading or over-trading.

When you have a few losers in a row, which happens to every trader – it’s just a cost of doing business like rent or payroll – you want to get in there and take that money back. Unfortunately, you are seldom in the right frame of mind at this point to accomplish more than racking up a few more losers.

It’s better when this happens to stop trading for the day and come back with a fresh outlook.

I’ve also seen it happen where a trader will end up losing because they were making so much. I know that sounds crazy. Greed gets the best of you. A few big winners in a row and you want more, so you start over-trading.

Over-trading seldom leads to profit. You want to pick only the trades that you are confident, based on what your system is telling you, are going to make you money.

Here’s the thing…

Many traders get it in their heads that the market is somehow against us. That someone has to lose so we can win. Nothing is further from the truth.

The market doesn't even know us retail traders exist. And that's the beauty of it, we are like lions quietly waiting for a gazelle with a broken leg to saunter by. When it does, we go in for the easy kill and no one even notices.

The market is going to do what the market is going to do and you can’t change it. You can, however, profit greatly from it when you know how.

All we are trying to do is skim a few pips here and there off the 5.1 trillion dollars that is being traded daily in the Forex market.

And the best way to do that is by following the rules of a proven system.

Don’t even think of them anymore as system rules, but rather as a blueprint or a map. One that leads straight to the cash.

None of us like to be told we have to follow rules. It’s just human nature to want to bend them a bit and see what happens.

And some people associate rules with work.

The truth is your system rules are your best friend. Their job is to protect you and help you make money. To make things easier.

And the fact is they do make trading far easier. The system rules give you step by step instructions that make it hard to lose if you just follow them.

That’s why I made the rules in the Ultimate Profit Solution easy to understand and follow. So, you would find it easier to follow them than it is not to.

I wanted to make the Ultimate Profit Solution as easy to trade as possible and at the same time fool proof. So, that it would work the same for anyone who trades with it.

That way whether you are an experience trader or just starting out, it’s a level playing field and everyone has an equal chance to make money.

This is another problem I faced that I bet you can relate to…

Lack of trust.

It is hard to know who you can trust with your financial future. There are so many fake gurus and crooked brokers who are only out to line their own pockets. People touting the latest make money while you sleep trading robots and fads.

These hucksters are getting rich by pulling the wool over your eyes.

Promising you the sun, moon, and stars and doing whatever it takes to get you to throw good money after bad.

It’s easy to invest in what looks like the next big thing only to watch your life savings evaporate into thin air.

It’s like the internet has created the snake oil salesman of the 21st century.

Maybe like me, you have also at some point been taken in by one of these schemes.

If so you have every right to be skeptical. In fact, I want you to be, because I’m as transparent as it gets. I have nothing to hide as you will soon see.

When you are looking at a system for creating wealth there are things you deserve to know.

Does it have a proven track record? In other words, is it currently making money? And can they prove it?

And the thing you probably really want to know is will it work for you?

And just to show you I have nothing to hide, here is one of my most recent statements.

Here’s why getting answers to those questions is so important. In order to stick to the rules, you will have to have faith in the system. And as I said, no system works if you don’t stick to the rules.

That’s why I am going to make sure you see a ton of proof today to back up every claim I make about the system I use.

There is something else that is vitally important…

You must trust in the person who will teach you the system.

Too often the people who are making bold claims about helping you acquire great wealth have never made any money themselves.

And those who truly are successful and willing to help you are as rare as hen’s teeth.

I remember how hard it was for me to find any real experts who could prove to me that they had made large amounts of money using the very system they were telling me I should use.

Which is why I will never make a system available to anyone that I don’t personally trade my own money with every day. In fact, this is the only system I ever use and as you are about to see, it makes me plenty.

Which leads to another big problem with most of the systems created by fake gurus and marketers…

Lack of proof.

It’s so easy to fake stuff on the internet. A 14-year-old with Photoshop can create an image of just about anything you can think of.

I can assure you that I tried some systems when I was starting out that were not created by a real trader and had zero chance of ever making me any money.

Now I laugh at how obvious it is when you watch these “gurus” that they are just paid actors who have never taught a single person how to trade. In fact, they’ve probably never placed a profitable trade in their lives.

So how do you know if the results you are seeing are even real, let alone accurate?

If you start to look closely it does become obvious what is real and what is not.

You should make sure you are looking at real, verifiable statements and can watch plenty of live trades so you are seeing the actual system in action.

You should able to see that it has been carefully tested. That whoever created it can demonstrate how it makes money.

You should make sure it is a mechanical approach so you know that anyone using it can expect to get the same results as long as they follow the rules.

Have a look at the trade below to see what I mean. All the trades you see on this page are taken by me and under live trading conditions.

Another big problem people face is…

Fear of failure.

It’s just how we are wired as human beings. if we don’t try, we can’t fail.

Fear of failure is directly linked to confidence whether it be in the method you are using to grow your money or your knowledge in how to do so.

This becomes a bigger problem if you have tried trading in the past and met with failure. Yet, the truth is, if you have not succeeded in the past it likely has more to do with the problems we are talking about here than anything else.

I almost gave up trading more than once. I suppose I would have if I hadn’t discovered the secret I’m going to share with you today.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

What I know for certain is this…

If I can do this, then anyone can and that includes you.

Why the old tried and true methods of creating wealth are too slow and too risky in today's economy.

One that gives the elite few who make billions an edge. Something only talked about behind closed doors by the big banks and Wall Street pundits who control the markets.

If you are like I used to be, you probably wonder if the people with all the money know something you don’t.

Why is it that some people work their whole lives only to worry that they will have enough money when they get older?

Yet others seem crash, some of the richest have Millions of Dollars and live a life most could only dream of.

Did you know that during the 1929 Wall Street crash some of the richest stock traders who lost all their money, committed suicide! What goes through a man’s head that he would rather die than be poor?